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We offer cheap and reliable internet connectivity nationwide in South Africa using ADSL, VDSL and mobile technologies. We have multiple packages to accommodate for most needs should it be business or for home use. We are currently looking at providing wireless connectivity to select regions within South Africa so keep a look out for it!


Our servers that are responsible for keeping hosted services up and running are run out of a tier 4 data center which allows us to be online all the time. Our hosting solutions allows for us to host Websites, E-Mails, VPN "Virtual Private Networks" and other cloud hosting services. Our list of hosting services keeps growing to accommodate new technology changes and client demands.


Typit Systems Dev department is where all custom software or commercial software is designed, tested, debugged and built. Most of our software applications rely on internet connectivity for storing data from client side applications as well as helping to prevent piracy. At Typit Systems we use several languages that form many core systems that we use.

Fibre Connectivity

That's right! Typit now offers fibre optic internet connectivity in South Africa. Ranging from 1 meg all the way to fullout 100mbs. As more fibre comes online around the country so does the presence of Typit Fibre. Want to know if fibre is in your area ? Pop us a message using the contact-us button below, tell us where you live and we will get back to you.


We love animals too! Visit our friends over at Fur-Friends and help an animal in need of a new loving home Hlomphn.co.za.