ADSL is Fixed Line Broadband which uses existing telephone lines to surf the Internet. TYPIT offers a range of ADSL services to suit your needs.
To get online, you'll need, a month to month Telkom phone line, DSL Line, DSL Router and an active TYPIT DSL service.
Our categories simplified

Home Uncapped DSL

If you're not planning to stream data hungry videos, or download large files, then this service is great for basic browsing & email.

Premium Uncapped DSL

Go all out with Premium Uncapped data. This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads.

Business Uncapped DSL

Get straight down to business with an enhanced online experience, specifically tailored for business protocols.

ADSL Uncapped Data Only Packages
Home Data Only Price per month
ADSL Uncapped Home 1MbpsR99
ADSL Uncapped Home 2MbpsR140
ADSL Uncapped Home 4MbpsR249
ADSL Uncapped Home 8MbpsR299
ADSL Uncapped Home 10MbpsR349
VDSL Uncapped Home 20MbpsR549
VDSL Uncapped Home 40MbpsR899

Premium Data Only Price per month
ADSL Uncapped Premium 1MbpsR215
ADSL Uncapped Premium 2MbpsR364
ADSL Uncapped Premium 4MbpsR431
ADSL Uncapped Premium 8MbpsR615
ADSL Uncapped Premium 10MbpsR682
VDSL Uncapped Premium 20MbpsR1241
VDSL Uncapped Premium 40MbpsR1722

Business Data Only Price per month
ASDL Uncapped Business 1MbpsR385
ASDL Uncapped Business 2MbpsR535
ASDL Uncapped Business 4MbpsR778
ASDL Uncapped Business 8MbpsR1106
ASDL Uncapped Business 10MbpsR1183
VSDL Uncapped Business 20MbpsR2267
VSDL Uncapped Business 40MbpsR2672

ADSL Uncapped Data + DSL Line Packages
Home Data + DSL Line Price per month
ADSL Uncapped Home 1Mbps + DSL LineR160
ADSL Uncapped Home 2Mbps + DSL LineR299
ADSL Uncapped Home 4Mbps + DSL LineR499
ADSL Uncapped Home 8Mbps + DSL LineR699
ADSL Uncapped Home 10Mbps + DSL LineR769
VDSL Uncapped Home 20Mbps + DSL LineR999
VDSL Uncapped Home 40Mbps + DSL LineR1399

Premium Data + DSL Line Price per month
ADSL Uncapped Premium 1Mbps + DSL LineR239
ADSL Uncapped Premium 2Mbps + DSL LineR425
ADSL Uncapped Premium 4Mbps + DSL LineR529
ADSL Uncapped Premium 8Mbps + DSL LineR799
ADSL Uncapped Premium 10Mbps + DSL LineR857
VDSL Uncapped Premium 20Mbps + DSL LineR1385
VDSL Uncapped Premium 40Mbps + DSL LineR1847

Business Data + DSL Line Price per month
ADSL Uncapped Business 1Mbps + DSL LineR399
ADSL Uncapped Business 2Mbps + DSL LineR599
ADSL Uncapped Business 4Mbps + DSL LineR799
ADSL Uncapped Business 8Mbps + DSL LineR1139
ADSL Uncapped Business 10Mbps + DSL LineR1199
VDSL Uncapped Business 20Mbps + DSL LineR2199
VDSL Uncapped Business 40Mbps + DSL LineR2672

AUP - Acceptable Use Policy

Home Uncapped (DSL and Fibre) – TYPIT Protocol Manager - Home Uncapped services are managed according to the last 7 days usage projected to 30 days as well as the available capacity on the network at all times. There are predefined thresholds set and when exceeded the account speed will be managed down to a maximum of 50% of the account speed. Should the demand on the network exceed available capacity these thresholds may be managed more aggressively by the TYPIT Protocol Manager and differ to the table found here.

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