Fibre is by far the best way to connect to the Internet. Fibre speeds ranging from 4Mbps to 1000Mbps! With Fibre, you can drop the voice landline rental. Want to keep your land line number? Let us port your number over and keep your land line on your cell phone! No need to pay R201 a month for a voice line anymore.

Our Fibre Coverage Map might take a minute to load...

How to sign up for a fibre service?

First make sure you are within our coverage by using the coverage map above, then click the Sign me up button at the bottom to proceed. submit your information such as physical address, email address & contact number when taken to the contact us page. We then check feasibility with our many last mile fibre providers, after which an email with billing information will be sent to you, once the bill is settled and processed details of the fibre installation will be communicated to you. Note during the communcation process we may ask for additional details to fast track the process. You will also need to fill out our month to month agreement and email it back to us.

Want Fibre Internet?

To get in touch with us, complete all fields on the contact us form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible! Alternately feel free to email us using the following email address: [email protected] when emailing us please include your name, surname, physical address, and contact number.