LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage.
Enjoy speeds between the range of 10 - 50Mbps* that's way faster than your average ADSL line.
Ideal network and coverage conditions.


LTE-A Packages

Code Package Price
LTEA0025LTE-Advanced 25 GigabytesR349
LTEA0055LTE-Advanced 55 GigabytesR624
LTEA0085LTE-Advanced 85 GigabytesR899
LTEA0120LTE-Advanced 120 GigabytesR1124
LTEA0220LTE-Advanced 220 GigabytesR1524
LTEA0330LTE-Advanced 330 GigabytesR1799

LTE-A Top Ups

Code Package Price
LTEATU01LTE-Advanced Top Up 1 GigabyteR14
LTEATU02LTE-Advanced Top Up 2 GigabytesR27
LTEATU03LTE-Advanced Top Up 3 GigabytesR41
LTEATU05LTE-Advanced Top Up 5 GigabytesR68
LTEATU10LTE-Advanced Top Up 10 GigabytesR135
LTEATU20LTE-Advanced Top Up 20 GigabytesR270