If you have a DSL line with us, you can still use data from another Internet Service Provider.

Code Package Regular Student
FBOL004MFibre Openserve Line 4 Megabits per secondR438.00TBA
FBOL008MFibre Openserve Line 8 Megabits per secondR504.00TBA
FBOL010MFibre Openserve Line 10 Megabits per secondR548.00TBA
FBOL020MFibre Openserve Line 20 Megabits per secondR658.00TBA
FBOL040MFibre Openserve Line 40 Megabits per secondR768.00TBA
FBOL100MFibre Openserve Line 100 Megabits per secondR878.00TBA

DSL Lines
Code Package Regular Student
DSLL001MDSL Line 1 Megabit per secondR60.00TBA
DSLL002MDSL Line 2 Megabit per secondR163.00TBA
DSLL004MDSL Line 4 Megabit per secondR302.00TBA
DSLL008MDSL Line 8 Megabit per secondR390.00TBA
DSLL010MDSL Line 10 Megabit per secondR434.00TBA
DSLL020MDSL Line 20 Megabit per secondR467.00TBA
DSLL040MDSL Line 40 Megabit per secondR588.00TBA