Mobile Data
Typit Mobile offers 3G/LTE with 3 Month Data Rollover and superfast LTE that's a great wireless
alternative to Fibre or ADSL at affordable rates.

To get connected, you'll need:
A smart Device or Mobile Router and
Typit Mobile Data.

Mobile Data Packages
Code Package Price
MBD00500Mobile Data 500 MegabytesR34.00
MBD001GBMobile Data 1 GigabyteR65.00
MBD002GBMobile Data 2 GigabyteR118.00
MBD003GBMobile Data 3 GigabyteR183.00
MBD004GBMobile Data 4 GigabyteR244.00
MBD005GBMobile Data 5 GigabyteR307.00
MBD006GBMobile Data 6 GigabyteR369.00
MBD008GBMobile Data 8 GigabyteR494.00
MBD010GBMobile Data 10 GigabyteR619.00
MBD012GBMobile Data 12 GigabyteR744.00
MBD016GBMobile Data 16 GigabyteR994.00
MBD020GBMobile Data 20 GigabyteR1223.00
MBD024GBMobile Data 24 GigabyteR1499.00

Mobile Data Top Up

Code Package Price
MBDT0500Mobile Data Top up 500 MegabytesR60.00
MBDT01GBMobile Data Top up 1 GigabyteR120.00
MBDT02GBMobile Data Top up 2 GigabytesR220.00
MBDT03GBMobile Data Top up 3 GigabytesR320.00
MBDT04GBMobile Data Top up 4 GigabytesR415.00
MBDT05GBMobile Data Top up 5 GigabytesR517.00
MBDT06GBMobile Data Top up 6 GigabytesR620.00
MBDT08GBMobile Data Top up 8 GigabytesR830.00
MBDT10GBMobile Data Top up 10 GigabytesR1140.00
MBDT12GBMobile Data Top up 12 GigabytesR1240.00
MBDT16GBMobile Data Top up 16 GigabytesR1654.00
MBDT20GBMobile Data Top up 20 GigabytesR2200.00
MBDT24GBMobile Data Top up 24 GigabytesR2600.00